deanna-schmaltzAs a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Deanna Schmaltz has over 16 years of service in law enforcement. After struggling with depression following a career ending injury, Deanna was able to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with her injury and with the traumatic events she encountered throughout her career.  In 2013, Deanna made the decision to discharge from the RCMP.  She has written a book about her experiences that will be published in 2014 by HarperCollins Publishing Canada.

In an effort to help others struggling with occupational stress injuries she created the War Horse Awareness Foundation. The War Horse Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping frontline service providers and their families live the lives they deserve to live.

damagedone-220The War Horse Awareness Foundation offers unique equine-assisted programs for frontline service providers and their families that address operational stress injuries. These programs have been in existence for several years and have shown to be highly successful in helping frontline service providers deal with these specific issues. These equine-based programs are exceptional and very effective; however, the organization is committed to getting frontline service providers and their families connected with the resources and programs that best suit their individual and collective needs.

His Honour, Colonel (Retired) Honourable Donald S. Ethell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, delivered a keynote presentation and watched a live demonstration with the horses at the 3rd Annual War Horse Symposium in 2012.

At a recent War Horse Symposium, Deanna spoke to symposium participants about overcoming the effects of encountered events associated with the stressors of their jobs.